May 9, 2009

This was Emily and Susie's 3rd 5K race this year. Who would have thought Emily would like running!!! We were teasing her unmercifully before the race about this cute male runner with a Jaguar. Saying we were going to introduce her and fix her up with him (of course we had no intention of doing so), but Emily takes everything anyone say so seriously. She is our analytical child. So after a time we let it go, otherwise I knew she was headed for the car and would not have come out till we left!!! Why do some parents torture their children :0)

Emily, Susie, Shawn, Charlie

That was the guy were were trying to fix Em up with...right behind her in the orange/red jacket. Boy was she mad!!!

The start of the 5K Waverly Waddle. Of course Susie is being the jokester. I so wish I had a digital SLR :0(

Sue wanted to run the 5K under 30 and she did!

Emily had to stop 5 times, she was so dehydrated!
I think they were glad it was over because of all the hills!

Nico loved the sand and trucks. I had to literally pick him up kicking and screaming so I could go see the girls finish. He is a handful!