Oh my aching back!

Well, I guess I am due. I never really had compassion for anyone that said my back hurt, especially my husband, though I know he was hurting......guess it is just one of those things you HAVE TO experience, not! Anyway Saturday it started innocently enough. A little achy and then boom, sharp pains, couldn't turn, ugh. By Sunday morning I thought it felt better, but by the afternoon it was continually getting worse. So here it is Monday morning, looking forward to getting to the Chiropractor and...you guessed it, they are closed :0( How disappointing. A nurse and friend that works there said ice it. Gee, justed that just sound like fun when it is below 30 degrees out. Here I was taking hot baths. Hopefully I will get in tomorrow. Well, for all you people out there with oh so aching backs.....I feel for you!