Can you all believe it is November already? Gee wiz, where does the time go. Do you ever have one of those days ahead where there is not enough of you to be in all the places you have to be? Well, today is the day. Today is also my Emily's 19th birthday. I still have to find how to leave the house and get a gift, stuff for her favorite dinner and her birthday cake. Emily and Rachel attended the Word of Life Superbowl last night. They were gone from 4:00 pm till 7:30 this morning. Rachel has to be up to the dome in NY for indoor soccer by 1:00. How's that for only getting a few hours sleep. You wouldn't catch me running on a field for 6 hours with 4 hours sleep.....actually you wouldn't find me running on a field :0) Then my grandson needs to be pick up at a wedding that starts at 2:00 an hour the other direction, plus my dad needs to be watched. Anyone care to come over and be my double for a few hours? This will be another day that I will get through. Hope all of you are doing well. Enjoy family, friends, and life!