May 7, 2009

Nico was staying at our house...well, dad's house Wednesday. The poor kid just came back from his sweat test. He has been on antibiotics 3 times this winter and I believe it is because of daycare. The doctor has put him through these battery of tests! He still has to go to the pulmologist yet.
Anyway, the winds have been horrendous and the house is losing siding right and left. Whoever put it up attached it with tiny nails and it was not even nailed into the wood frame of the house. This is the fourth time Dave has had to fix it. We are running out of siding. I am sure this is going to happen again. Nico was obsessed with the siding down and I mean obsessed! He would say "boo-boo house" over and over. If I was on the phone with him that is all he would talk about! Nico did get to "help" fix the "Boo-Boo" house that day!