I bombed

I started out with a bang on Project 365, but I bombed. I slipped up not taking the photos and time just went by. I think I have about 2 weeks worth. Maybe I can change it to Project 12! What do you think? Oh well, life is not going to come crashing down around me. Today has been a yucky day. I have had a headache and soar throat for two days. I didn't sleep a lot last night. My eyes are watering as I write this, but I can't sleep, but don't have energy for anything else. It makes you really appreciate feeling well and being thankful for your health. Mom's just can't get sick. There isn't much on TV either. I have on The Object of My Affection....maybe I will just fall asleep. My Abby isn't feeling well either and she is already worried she will be up tonight too. She had the shakes last night. Oh, for winter to be over! Till next time!