Found Kitty

We have a stray kitty. My husband, Dave, stayed out in the barn for days trying to catch her. She is starting to warm up to us, but still very skittish. I bought this, supposedly, clumping litter and it does not clump at all, but the particles are so very small. Yesterday she had some on her head and then her eye started tearing. I noticed when I got home today her eye is really watering and looks swollen. Does anyone know what we can do? She won't let us go near her eye to look. Guess we will have to make a vet appointment. There is another stray that is an adult outside......super duper skinny, but she seems to be gaining a small amount of weight. Just because we live rurally does not mean we can take care of everyone's discards, though I wish we could. I wish people would be a little more responsible. OK, that was my rant for the day! I'll let you know how she makes out. If you know of anyone that would want an indoor kitty that they will love let me know!