Making of the Terrariums

A co-worker had given me a subscription to BH&G. There was a small article on Terrariums. It drew my attention as it brought back some childhood memories of going out into the backyard or woods and putting together a "small world". So my daughter, Rachel, and I made a trip to the dollar-store. There you can find the glass candlesticks, candy dish, stones and large vase.....I had the empty candle jar. We used Gorilla glue to attach the candlesticks to the vases. Apothecary jars can be so expensive. We got some plants on clearance at Lowes, along with some Spanish Moss (not on sale). There was one plant that likes low light opposed to medium light so we will see how they all get along. I do not have a green thumb and do not expect these to live very long. We added a little moss from the side of the road, not sure how that will fair either. Anyway it was fun to make and brought back some memories.