Cutting Wood

OK, today was gorgeous outside, but there were a few minor scratches today. Look at the following three pictures and ask yourself, should a grandfather give a five year old grandson 3 saws and a hatchet (supervised of course :0)

Nico clipped Papa's arm with the big, orange, Christmas Tree saw.

When he was done with the second little, brown saw, Nico flung it at my foot.

His other attempt with the Christmas Tree saw got Nico in trouble a bit. We really aren't horrible grandparents....truly.

This was Nico first cut.

He then went on to bigger projects!

See the collection he was trying!

He was working hard.

OK, I have to admit, this is where it got a little scary for me, but Papa said he was fine :0( Well, in Papa's mind it was a perfectly normal boy day. I could barely watch Nico swing that hatchet at the tree!

This just doesn't look right......but he just didn't want to get his photo taken.


His little hatchet marks

Nico put this branch on the picnic table and put a blanket over it to make a tent. He brought pine branches inside to decorate his home.