I made the following montage about a pigeon we found. I made it both sepia and color. Not sure which one I like better. I also did the exact same layout for some 4th of July pics. Maybe I will still post that too. Anyway Saturday Dave called us all to the window as he saw this white pigeon walking across the barn roof. I thought it was someone's bird or an albino pigeon. I went upstairs to get the binoculars to see if the bird was banded (yes he was). While I was doing that Dave brought out some bread to the bird. The bird was eating some gravel on the driveway, but would not touch the bread. He did come right up to Dave, but wouldn't let him pick him up. Abigail went to get some seed and he gobbled that right done. We found out later pigeons are seed eaters only, thus not having a liking for the bread! We did find out about a woman in Hop Bottom who had some pigeons. She took the guy, who by the way was starving! Nancy had me feel the breast bone and explained how the droppings showed bile which were both signs the bird was undernourished. She couldn't guarantee he would stay and they only "home" to a place after being there 2 weeks. Hopefully he was hungry enough the following day to decide to hang around and call it home there. She is going to call me in a couple weeks to let me know what the guy decided to do. My son also took down the ID number and got a hold of the breeder who in turn gave him the purchaser's phone number. We were told the bird was sold again and the first owner said it wasn't worth the trouble of finding the present owner if someone was willing to take him. Nancy said he was either someone's pet or hand raised as he was so tame. I sure hope he stays there so I don't have to worry about him.