Memorial Day

Finally had a beautiful day! Warm, bright, and green! Yeah! We didn't do much. We had left over chicken BBQ that we bought the day before from the New Milford Fire Dept. We had to get 10 seeing Davey our son is a volunteer fire fighter and he is getting his dad involved in the "fire police." Well, here are just some photos of us sitting out and enjoying the day. Sarah brought up "The Girls".

Bas (my dad) with some of the grand kid and great grand kids. Look at that face on Nico.....looks just like Bas. He should have been named Giovanni! They are so similar!

Nico was tired, but really wanted to ride the tractor.

Nico is a guy's guy.

Chloe and Nico

Chloe, Lacey, and Nico

Lacey's trick

Sarah and The Girls

Lacey and Apple