Prayer Closet?

My daughter, Emily, came upstairs to tell me that her sister, Rachel, was sitting outside on the picnic table. I guess that wouldn't be so odd in and of itself, but seeing it was around 22 degrees outside I found that somewhat out of the norm. I went downstairs to peak out the window and she was reading her worn, pink Holly Hobbie Bible that she won't give up. She is 16 going on 17 and I thought it was about time for an upgrade, but she won't give in. Anyway, I decided to quickly snap a picture. Well, we all have a prayer closet that we can go to. It can be our bedroom, the kitchen table, etc. I happen to prefer the bathtub. Outside on a metal picnic table in the 20's is not my idea of an ideal prayer closet, but for some, it is perfect.....coat, blanket, mittens and Holly Hobbie Bible!