Update on Dad for Those That Asked

Well, for those that have e-mailed and asked about dad I figured I might just do an update here. Things are not going that well. Dad is having a difficult time eating. It seems to me it may be more mechanical then the Alzheimer's, but my friend told me it is just he progression of the disease. He is also having a difficult just standing so I can maneuver him to the wheelchair. He is also constantly going in a prostrate position. Again, is it the disease, does he also have Parkinson's like one doctor thought. It is so hard to know how to care for him, what is a normal progression of these things and when do I need to bring something to the attention of the doctor. If he could only talk and tell me! I don't think there is that much time left, but only God knows. He is definitely end stage Alzheimer's. If you are interested in what end stage Alzheimer's entails you can take a look here. I would post a picture, but he doesn't look all that good...maybe I will get one up. He is still my dad and everyone still thinks he is cute :0) Thanks everyone that has asked about him!