Letter from God

I was at a baby shower last night and the woman who was giving the devotion told us about an assignment a particular Bible study class she was attending was given. The class was to go home and write a letter from God to them personally. The following week only one person completed the assignment; all the other women thought is was too presumptuous to write a letter from God. The woman who completed the assignment read her letter to the class; all were touch by "her" words. The reason they were touched is that she took God's truth from the Bible and used scripture to write her letter. So as the lady who was preparing for the baby shower was stumped on what to speak on she wrote a letter from God to the mommy to be. It was so touching! She did go home after that Bible study and write her very own letter. She says she goes back to it many times to re-read it. When we have a problem it is a wonderful thing to go to God's word to let Him show us what He wants for us. There are so many great promises there to cling to. So my challenge and maybe a challenge to you would to be to write your very own letter from God and see what He would have to say to you!